Zach Arrington Program Director, Momentum Factor

Zach Arrington

As Program Director at Momentum Factor, Zach oversees product development and implementation for the firm’s FieldWatch Compliance Monitoring and Online Reputation Defense programs. Zach works closely with a team of developers and SEO experts, bringing together a wide range of skills to his direct selling clients.

Prior to joining Momentum Factor, Zach worked in the Financial Industry as a compliance officer with a focus on the regulatory issues surrounding digital marketing. Once at Momentum Factor, this experience helped fuel a quest to build the most efficient, effective and user friendly compliance software on the planet – and make life a little easier for clients facing the specter of Digital Risk. His operational expertise and knowledge of the regulatory process across multiple agencies has helped Momentum Factor solidify its position as the industry-leading risk mitigation firm.

Zach is a native Texan and enjoys collecting guitars, building computers and playing in bands.


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