Spencer Reese Partner, Resse Poyfair Richards

Spencer Reese

Spencer started his career in direct selling the same way most people – as an independent distributor. His focus shifted when he joined the legal department of Melaleuca, Inc. in 1992 where he served as in-house counsel for Melaleuca from 1992 – 1996, and then was a founding partner in Reese Poyfair Richards.

Since then, Reese Poyfair Richards has become the undisputed preeminent law firm specializing in direct sales. They have worked with well over 2000 direct sellers in both the Party Plan and MLM fields. Many of Spencer’s clients are small start-up businesses run by entrepreneurs, while he also represents some of the biggest and most well recognized names in the industry. The firm’s accomplishments were recognized by the Direct Selling Association in 2010 when Reese Poyfair Richards was awarded the DSA’s Partnership Award. In the DSA’s 100+ year history, Reese Poyfair Richards is the only law firm to ever receive this prestigious award.


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