Art McCracken Chief Strategy Officer, LuLaRoe

Art McCracken

Art is currently serving as the Chief Strategy Officer at LuLaRoe, where he is responsible for designing and driving consistent alignment around corporate initiatives, while also working closely as a coach and advisor to their Executive Leadership Team. Along with overseeing organizational strategy, management and human performance initiatives, his exciting role includes creating a fresh and inspiring approach to effective leadership, strategic alignment and key stakeholder engagement.

Known as the “Executive Whisperer,” Art has been an executive consultant for over twenty years. Art’s background includes corporate strategy and facilitative work across multiple business sectors including Direct Sales. He has also served in various board capacities and executive roles within the organizations he has worked with. Art is also the Founder and CEO of Synapse Point Consulting, a highly regarded firm specializing in Leadership Transformations, Growth Strategies and Team Dynamics, achieving phenomenal results by taking business leaders and their teams to the highest level of performance. Mr. McCracken spent his early career in commercial banking as a troubled asset portfolio manager.

Art received his Bachelor’s degree in Corporate Financial Management from Idaho State University; and is a highly regarded strategist as well as part of a very elite group of globally recognized coaches with certification in High Performance Coaching. As well as being a published writer, Mr. McCracken is a prolific speaker and educator. He strongly believes that inspired leadership is the essential catalyst in building great organizations, and that progressive leaders at all levels can be mentored to create exceptional futures, both culturally and individually.


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