Tightening the Screws—Cataloging the New FTC Threats

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s unanimous Section 13(b) decision, the FTC  has gone into penalty-seeking overdrive, looking for any tools that it can use to assert its power. Along with a desperate appeal to congress to codify 13(b), it is resurrecting the FTC Act’s Penalty Offense Authority, which would allow them to assess egregious penalties without due process. They are also pushing for a reversal to the direct selling exemption from the Business Opportunity Rule, which could be devastating to recruiting and enrollment. They are even changing how they create rules so they can make even more stringent ones.

In this informative session, our panel of experts explores the many ways the FTC is planning to challenge the channel, and how companies can prepare for what is certain to be a new era of screw-tightening.





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