Lessons from the FTC Actions: What Should Your Business Do Now?

The FTC enforcement action against AdvoCare should be read as a cautionary tale.  Then Neora happened. Indeed, many industry insiders are asking themselves, “who’s next?”

While the agency has remained steadfast in its position that multi-level-marketing is a valid and legitimate business model, Andrew Smith’s comments at a DSA seminar in October proved to muddy the waters far more than clarifying them.

In this informative session, John Sanders and Katrina Eash of Winston & Strawn explore recent decisions and Mr. Smith’s comments to reveal key take-aways and lessons.  In particular, we’ll focus on the issues he stated would continue to raise red flags, including three example compensation methods.

Finally, our presenters put it all together and provide advice on what companies can do to help to immunize the threat and balance the needs of the business with compliance pressures.




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