Bonnie Patten of returns to the Summit, Jan 18, 2018 in Austin Texas

In recent years, consumer advocate TruthInAdvertising has publicly addressed what it deemed to be unethical marketing practices in direct selling, taking individuals and companies to task with reputation-challenging media activity and regulatory tip-offs.

Following last year’s packed session at the Direct Selling Legal & Compliance Summit, Bonnie Patten of returns to the Summit to describe their continuing efforts to challenge what they consider unfair marketing practices. With new material and target areas, including medical advisory boards and clinical studies, Ms. Patten will share results from TINA’s largest study to date, a soon-to-be-published report highlighting more than 100 companies and their alleged income claims found online. They are also busy courting not only FTC and FDA regulators but state consumer and regulatory agencies as well, prompting many direct sellers to begin polishing up their government affairs and outreach programs.

Clearly, for companies seeking to understand how to interact with this group and prevent issues that can bring detrimental press or even government action, this is a can’t-miss session. Join your colleagues and peers for what is sure to be a lively discussion and hear directly from TINA what’s on their docket in 2018.


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