Trajan Bayly CEO, Gray Falkon

Trajan Bayly

Trajan is CEO of Gray Falkon, a technology-backed solutions company that has developed an effective, economical and scalable system to remove illegitimate sellers from Amazon and other online marketplaces for direct sales companies like USANA, 4Life Research, Jeunesse Global and LifeVantage.

Before co-founding Gray Falkon, Trajan was the CEO of PurePredictive, a predictive analytics startup. He led the company through a successful funding round, launch of its technology platform and the creation of a churn prevention product for the direct sales industry.

Prior to that, Trajan held several leadership roles at General Electric including Chief Marketing Officer of GE’s Licensing business where he led the development of new and existing trademark programs and other IP programs that realized more than $1B annually for licensees.

He also led business and marketing strategies at Ernst & Young, a technology start-up and an airline start-up.

Trajan earned his MBA at Duke University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Utah.


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