Andi Sherwood Director of Comp Plan Design, Dan Jensen Consulting

Andi Sherwood

Andi Sherwood has over 20 years of experience in the Direct Selling industry and has worked in almost every aspect from Distributor Services, top tier Leader representation, and Corporate International expansion to compensation plan programming, as a distributor herself, and being a critical part of the partnership launching a new Direct Selling company.

Since joining Dan Jensen Consulting in 2006 as Director of Strategy and Plan Design, Andi has personally designed more than 300+ Compensation Plans globally, from new start-ups to some of the largest industry giants. She is a sought after teacher and trainer of top executives and founders on Compensation Plan strategies as well as many other topics.

Andi’s favorite part of what she does is collaborating with her colleagues and fellow strategists in Dan Jensen Consulting (who also conveniently happen to be part of her Jensen family) and being able to strategically design Compensation Plans that incorporate the many elements unique to each company.


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