KEYNOTE: Direct Sales at a Crossroads

Our channel of distribution has arrived at an inflection point. This inflection point will probably be of short time-frame, and we are already within that time-frame. The speed of change has exceeded the speed by which many of our companies have responded. Our ethical standards and tolerance have been questioned for many years yet we are still debating, on some fronts, how we respond and prove ourselves to be a viable and ethical channel of distribution. At the same time, a growing percentage of the world’s population is newly receptive to “gig” opportunities, a trend direct sales has yet to grab on to.

Are we holding ourselves accountable? Are we acting with a sense-of-urgency to reposition, fight off retailers and eCommerce marketplaces and enter the bigger conversation of gig economy? Has our business model become too complicated? Have the whistles and bells of the new compensation plan designs worked against our efforts to be simple and easy to understand? Most of all, are we communicating the real value of our business, the participation, recognition and social benefits that retail and gig upstarts cannot (yet) compete with?

Join direct sales legend John Fleming as he tackles the tough questions and at the same time paints a bright future for the industry.

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