TINA.org to reveal new “focus areas” in their direct seller investigations at the 2017 Summit.

In recent years, the consumer advocacy group TruthInAdvertising has publicly addressed what it deemed to be unethical marketing practices in direct selling, taking companies to task with reputation-challenging media activity and regulatory tip-offs. This has, of course, caused concern and consternation within the direct selling community.

At the 2017 Direct Selling Legal & Compliance Summit, Bonnie Patten, executive director at TINA.org will describe their methods and tactics as well as new initiatives in investigations of direct sellers in her session “Direct Selling: A Consumer Advocate’s View.” As many direct sellers are aware, TINA’s past complaints have centered around online distributor income claims in videos, errant social media posts and, more recently, illegal health claims. At this year’s Summit, Ms. Patten will be discussing their new criteria for target selection.  For companies looking to stay aware of this group, this session is a must-see.

Join what is sure to be a lively discussion and learn directly from TINA what’s on their docket in 2017.



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